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Over the years, Elegant Simplicity band leader Steven McCabe has been interviewed by various magazines and radio shows. Here, then, are some of those interviews – in full – and completely unexpurgated!

  • Kev Rowland interviews Steven McCabe

    Kev Rowland interviews Steven McCabe

    Over the course of lockdown 2020, renowned author, reviewer and good egg Kev Rowland conducted a lengthy interview with me covering the band’s history, releases and all kinds of good stuff never before made publicly available. I think – I hope – you will find it interesting and informative. The interview can be found all…

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  • Profil Radio, April 2013

    Profil Radio, April 2013

    Interview with Steven McCabe conducted by Richard Hawey of Profil Radio, Quebec, 26 April 2013

    Read more: Profil Radio, April 2013
  • progarchives.com, August 2010

    The following interview with Steven McCabe was conducted by Torodd Fuglesteg and was published on progarchives.com, August 2010. Let’s start with the biography. When and where were you born and when did you start Elegant Simplicity ? I was born in Leeds, over here in the UK and I started Elegant Simplicity around 1992. I…

    Read more: progarchives.com, August 2010
  • Nucleus Webzine, September 2002

    The following interview was conducted on 24/09/2002 by Sergio Vilar of the Nucleus webzine, Argentina. Well, now I can tell you my impression about Elegant Simplicity music after dedicating several days with the appropriate attention. So alone I can tell you this: My God, how great talent demonstration!!! Sincerely I tell you that it is…

    Read more: Nucleus Webzine, September 2002
  • Koid’9/La Vie en Rock, Feb 2002

    The following interview with Steven McCabe was conducted by Dominique Reviron for the French fanzine Koid’9/La Vie en Rock, Feb 2002 1) Can you introduce Elegant Simplicity and tell me the historic of the project ? Elegant Simplicity was formed around 1992 as an outlet for songs not suitable for the various groups I had…

    Read more: Koid’9/La Vie en Rock, Feb 2002
  • DURP, July 2001

    On 13th July 2001, Steven McCabe was interviewed by Renald Meinert of DURP and Empire Magazine. Please find below the full interview. 1. Sorry, but I don’t know a lot of things about your band, so at first some standard questions! Please tell me something about the history of the project! Elegant Simplicity was formed…

    Read more: DURP, July 2001
  • Colossus Magazine, July 2002

    The following interview with Steven McCabe was conducted by Marco Bernard and was published in Colossus Magazine (Finland), Issue 19, July 2002. The interview came about due to ES contributing a new track, Ilmarinen’s Bride Of Gold, to the mammoth Kalevala triple CD! 1. Could you tell us something about your band? When was it…

    Read more: Colossus Magazine, July 2002
  • Higher and Higher, April 2005

    The following interview was conducted on 30/04/2005 by Dawn Wolfe for publication in the Moody Blues fanzine Higher and Higher, Issue #49, and relates to the band contributing a cover of ‘Driftwood’ on the Mellow Records tribute to the Moody Blues box set, ‘Higher and Higher’. 1. Are you Moodies fans? How long have you…

    Read more: Higher and Higher, April 2005
  • toomanygoodbyes.com, July 2008

    – interview with songwriter/composer Steven McCabe, 24th July 2008 So, what’s the story with “Too Many Goodbyes”? The CD was originally going to be another concept album, and in a way, it is!, but I didn’t want to make another record like that. Anyway, Too Many Goodbyes is to be taken literally. The title says…

    Read more: toomanygoodbyes.com, July 2008

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ELEGANT SIMPLICITY is a Rock Band from the UK. If you like eclectic music that mixes elements of classic progressive rock, underground, folk, fusion, and all points in between, we might just be the band for you!

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