These are compilation albums either released by Proximity Records / Elegant Music or third party labels.

  • Aquatorium (Demos and Rare Tracks) (Remaster) (2022)

    Aquatorium (Demos and Rare Tracks) (Remaster) (2022)

    This album is a collection of Demos and Rare tracks recorded between October 1994 and October 2003. It’s Only Water, Those Three Words Again, Changing Views, Inside the Dome, Whenever I Close My Eyes (Full Version) were originally intended for the albums The Nature of Change (1996) and Reversal of Time (1997). Without making both…

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  • As It Was (2010)

    As It Was (2010)

    This is a collection of eleven tracks from 10 of our most recent CDs, in reverse chronological order! It’s only available as a Digital Album (320kbps MP3, Lossless FLAC, Lossless WAV ect – you choose the format you would like. There are two tracks from Too Many Goodbyes and one each from the previous 9…

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  • Aquatorium (2004)

    Aquatorium (2004)

    AQUATORIUM is 78 minutes of demos/unreleased/new and seriously rare tracks from the Elegant Simplicity archives. The album contains a mixture of songs and instrumentals, the bulk of it available on CD for the first time ever. Previously available to mailing list subscribers only, the CD and Digital Album is now more extensively available. All songs…

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  • Several Bits of . . . (1994)

    Several Bits of . . . (1994)

    This compilation of Elegant Simplicity tracks was released by the Hometech Music Club – an organisation dedicated to the promotion of unsigned acts. They published a monthly newsletter and a cassette featuring various artists and the equipment they used to produce their music. They also had a sales section whereby each artist listed the albums they had…

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