Bandcamp Fridays

Those of you who buy music directly from the artist via Bandcamp (THANK YOU!) will already know that during the course of the COVID pandemic, they have been waving their fees so that the artist gets 100% of the money from any sales made on a Friday during March. This …

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BBT – New Artwork Reveal

Here it is, primed and ready to roll for next weeks release of the remastered 1993 album Blinded By Time. It’s a big departure from the very first versions (view comparison here – go to the bottom of the page for the gallery). Cassette editions used one of my paintings …

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Blinded by Time – Coming Soon

I finished the remaster of our third album ‘Blinded by Time‘ yesterday. I must say, I was very surprised by this one; more so than the previous two. I need to gather my thoughts and write some notes about it. Apart from a few cheesy synth sounds, this is a …

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Nocturnal Implications. . . . on the way

The next album from the ‘olden days’ will be our second release Nocturnal Implications. It will be released on Friday 26th June. If you already follow us on Bandcamp, you will get an instant notification. If you don’t, there will be a newsletter sent out on the following Monday. So, …

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Improper Advances – 2020 Remaster Out Now

Improper Advances (2020 Remaster)

This long-forgotten album, from 1992, has finally been dragged kicking and screaming into 2020 with a shiny new cover and spiffingly antique sound. Remember, this is a very old album, recorded with very basic equipment and so is not the last word in hi-fi. Lo-Fi, is probably a better term …

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Bandcamp Changes Ahoy!

Bandcamp has made a few changes to the user experience. For us artists, we have a sexy new dashboard and for fans / followers, there is a new Community tab. What this shows is a list of messages/alerts and what-not sent out to followers either when we release a new …

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On the Air Tonight

Just a very brief note to let you know that over in Poland tonight, around 11pm, the Akademia Art Rocka radio show will be broadcasting some of our music. Not sure what will be played, so tune in and check it out! With thanks to Andrzej Kusy!

Cassette Wall of Fame

Cassette Releases - Side On!

I was spring-cleaning the other day and thought it would be fun to photograph all our early cassette releases into one spine shot type thing. I was convinced that I had a copy of each release but I appear to be missing Changing Views, so that is not pictured! If …

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Incoming Remaster Alert

The second album in our ongoing campaign to get everything we ever released out and about and available everywhere will continue tomorrow (March 13th on Bandcamp, March 21st everywhere else) with Moments of Clarity. This is a great album from 1999 and features our good friend Ken Senior on vocals …

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We Heard About the Sell Out!

Sold Out Sign

A few more of our Compact Disc albums have now sold out, so I thought I would list all the sold-out ones together! And in a gallery! Click any image and a gallery will pop up showing each album in detail. Nice.