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  • It’s Back, Encore!

    Forgot to mention that today, October 27th, is the official launch date of the re-issue of our 2017 album, Kicking the Olive Branch. Unlike the original 2017 version, which was a Digi-Pak, this one is a normal standard jewel case cd thing. Factory duplicated and sealed. Nice.

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  • New Site Design

    New Site Design

    Over the last couple of (very late) nights I have been redesigning the website. It’s a long way from being finished, but it is fully functioning and working without issues. I just need to finish some menus and admin stuff. The new design will enable much easier expansion and extra shop functions. With the shenanigans…

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  • What’s Going on With Bandcamp?

    As some of you may know, Bandcamp has been sold again to another investment company. This is twice in two years, I think. This is very worrying. So far, there have been no changes to how they do business or how they treat artists on the platform. As far as I know, they turn a…

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  • The Hits Keep Coming!

    The Hits Keep Coming!

    Released today is another new song! This song was going to be on the Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World) album. It was the second part to Groundfall I. However, I didn’t like the guitars and some of the keyboard choices so decided to shelve it for later use. It would also…

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  • It’s Back, Baby!

    It’s Back, Baby!

    Long since out of stock, I am super pleased to announce that our 2017 album Kicking the Olive Branch is once again available on CD. This time, it is presented as a normal standard jewel case thing. IE: it is not a Digi-Pak! The music is still the same – there has been no remastering,…

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  • Prog Censor – Don’t Look Down (Review)

    Prog Censor – Don’t Look Down (Review)

    Prog Censor, a French site dedicated to all forms of Progressive music, have recently reviewed our latest album Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World). They review an album every day . . . and post it to the group. The group currently has around 5,280+ subscribers, so why not take a look…

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  • Welcome to Vimeo!

    As you know, Vimeo is a video hosting platform, often touted as a rival to YouTube. They both host videos and that is where the likeness ends! I’ve had an account there for years, but never really used it. Anyway, I was poking around and was reminded how clean it is, how advert free it…

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  • New Video – Ice Capsicum

    The last one! Yep, here is track four, Ice Capsicum, taken from our latest EP Faster Than Ever Before. This is a gorgeous little instrumental piece that passes all too quickly. Enjoy. Don’t forget, if you can Like, Subscribe, Comment or Share the video, it would be a great help and much appreciated.

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  • Zero Matter – New Single

    Zero Matter – New Single

    Released today is our brand new single Zero Matter. This was recorded for the latest album but left off in order to keep the album to a decent length. Here it is now, though, presented in its full unedited glory. The track features the full band (see Discography page) and is a tasty slice of…

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