The Progressive Underground, Vol 2

The Progressive Underground Vol 2

The Progressive Underground Volume 2 is out now and continues author Kevin Rowland’s deep delve into this marvellous genre. This volume covers demo and album reviews by artists from I to S. Here are the artists featured (often multiple times) : Icon, Igzit-Nine, Ilúvatar, Iluzjon, Imagin’Aria, Incandescent Sky, Ines Project, …

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YouTube Official Artist Channel

A few days ago, YouTube granted our channel Official Artist Channel status. This means that whenever someone searches for us, instead of being presented with a plethora of unrelated (and possibly copyright-infringing content) the number one option will be our channel. You can tell its an Official Artist Channel by …

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Neewer Studio Monitor Isolation Pads for 8 inch Monitors

I’ve been recording music for many years and I have never invested in any isolation pads for my monitor speakers. The main reason being that I had some serious heavy duty spiked stands / isolation, so they weren’t needed. However, they broke and never got replaced. Since then, my monitors …

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How Music Got Free: What happens when an entire generation commits the same crime?

How Music Got Free

This book is all about how the mp3 file format for compressed audio took over the world, eventually leading to music becoming, effectively, free. On the surface, this may sound like a dull topic. However, the book reads like an action thriller. It’s fast paced, skips forwards and backwards in …

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It’s Alive!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I now have a provisional release date for the new album. I am booking the CD pressing plant today and will share more news as it comes in. Keep in the loop by joining the email list below. Note that the CD will be a strictly limited edition, too.

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Bye Bye FB!

As some point today, I am giving Facebook the Heave and, indeed, Ho. This is not up for debate. I have been inspired by Derek Sivers and his rather interesting post.