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Welcome to the ELEGANT SIMPLICITY news / blog page! Here you will find all the latest posts, news, opinions etc.

New CD – Track Listing

As previously mentioned the new CD is at a “nearly ready to go into mastering stage”. All the key tracks, parts and instruments have all been recorded. I now have a CD of rough mixes that I am A-B ing like crazy to make sure nothing is amiss. Once I am happy with that, I will conduct a further mix to include/exclude any changes and then it’s onto the mastering. After that, some artwork to realise then full sail to the pressing plant! Phew.

New MP3 Album on the way . . .

I’m pleased to announce that a new MP3 only album (at 320kbps) is on the way. In fact, it will be released in time for the next newsletter at some point next week! And it will be entirely FREE to all subscribers to the newsletter or the website. That’s right, you will get 80 minutes of superb music – in better than CD quality resolution – completely and utterly FREE!