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  • YouTube Shorts – Heroic Stats!

    YouTube Shorts – Heroic Stats!

    I was sent the above the other day from YouTube and you could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather type thing! Over 12k views in 29 YouTube shorts!

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  • New Interview

    New Interview

    The other day, I was interviewed by Phil Jackson of Dimensions in Sound and Space. We mainly discussed the CD re-issue of Kicking the Olive Branch and the new Xmas album Sad Tidings. In between that, we covered a fair amount of ground regarding musical influences and my take on Christmas! It was a cool…

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  • Xmas Posting Dates – 2023

    Xmas Posting Dates – 2023

    Please find below the last posting dates for delivery BEFORE Xmas; you know, the time of year when the earth stands still! Anyway, to ensure you get CDs in a timely manner, please bear these dates in mind. Note that these date also apply if you order anything from our sister Bandcamp store First Class…

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  • PayPal Issue

    Apologies, but there seems to be an issue with the PayPal gateway that is preventing some users from making any payments with their account. This is being looked into as matter of urgency. In the meantime, PayPal has been disabled until the issue can be resolved. Please use Credit / Debit cards if you can…

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  • Video – It’s an Unwrap!

    Just for fun, I filmed a short video of myself unwrapping the new Xmas album, Sad Tidings! Oh what jolly hi-jinks ensued. I have just published the video on YouTube, but you can view it via the embed below. The video quality is not first rate as it was done with a web cam slung…

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  • Sad Tidings

    Sad Tidings

    I finally finished the mastering and sequencing of our fabulous Christmas album. It will be called Sad Tidings and will feature 8 songs. Essentially, it is remastered versions of our previous Xmas singles and lots of new stuff and revamps: all beautifully sequenced into a killer Christmas album. It will be available on CD and…

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  • Is It Bandcamp Friday?

    It certainly is! See below, directly and unashamedly lifted straight from the horses mouth! On the first Friday of the month since March of 2020, we’ve waived our revenue share to help support artists on Bandcamp. Since then, more than a million fans have paid artists and labels over $100 million USD (if you’re one of them,…

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  • Don’t Look Down – Coming Back

    Don’t Look Down – Coming Back

    As you know, the new album has been going great guns since its release a few months back. The CD has long since sold out, of course. The cassette version, which has a different running order, is still around, though. Anyway, I am pleased to report that the album will be back in stock later…

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  • Powerplay Magazine Review

    Powerplay Magazine Review

    Forgot to mention this a month or so back, but the UK’s Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine, available via mail order or WHSmiths high street chain, included a review of Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World), along with a track on their exclusive Power Files download compilation series. It’s probably too late…

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