Long form posts for your enjoyment! Generally, these don’t fit the blog / news format . . so here they are!

  • Distribution / Aggregation / Aggravation

    Distribution / Aggregation / Aggravation

    For years, my distributor of choice has been CDBaby. Pay one fee and whatever you release stays available with no further fees except 9% commission. Last couple of years, though, I have been evaluating other distributors as I want to release much more music than I currently do. With CDBaby, it would rapidly get very…

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  • Bandcamp – About our Store

    Our official store is handled by the experts at Bandcamp! Here, you will find all our CDs, Downloads, Merchandise etc. All our releases are available to listen to in full before purchase, too. If you do make a purchase, you also get the free Bandcamp Mobile App (Apple App Store | Google Play) where you…

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  • What’s with the Moods?

    A look at why there are so many unaccounted for Moods in the Elegant Simplicity catalogue!

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  • Architect of Light – The Rescue Mission

    Architect of Light – The Rescue Mission

    Part 1: Introduction So, way back in 2002 we released the concept album Architect of Light. It quickly sold out and has never been commercially available since then; though it has been available as a download at the usual places except Bandcamp. Anyway, demand for this album has remained high but I have steadfastly resisted…

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  • 2013 – Review of the Year (Very Brief!)

    2013 – Review of the Year (Very Brief!)

    2013 is already a distant memory and, like everyone else, I thought it might be a good idea to summarise the year with a few bullet points. So, here goes. … Rebuilt the website several times, attempting to come up with something I liked. Took some doing, but we ended up with a cool looking…

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  • My Strat

    My Strat

    Many years ago, when I was first starting out as a guitar player, I went through many, many guitars: I had what all musicians seems to have . . . . gear lust. I had it bad and went through Gibson, Ibanez, Yamaha and all manner of guitars in my quest for the perfect guitar…

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  • How I Re-Mastered “Reversal of Time” using Reaper

    How I Re-Mastered “Reversal of Time” using Reaper

    Reversal of Time was a commercially released progressive rock CD in 1997. It sold out and was never re-pressed. It now sells for silly money if you can find it. Anyway, due to demand, I decided to revisit this old record with a view to placing it into my download shop. I’d like to put…

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  • Using Scribus to re-produce the ‘Palindrome’ artwork – Part II

    Using Scribus to re-produce the ‘Palindrome’ artwork – Part II

    In the previous article, I demonstrated how I managed to re-create the artwork layout for the re-release of our Palindrome CD using Scribus as my DTP application. Once that job was done, came the part of generating Press Ready PDF files. These are vital to get right

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  • Using Scribus to re-produce the ‘Palindrome’ artwork – Part I

    Using Scribus to re-produce the ‘Palindrome’ artwork – Part I

    As everyone knows, I am a great proponent of open source software and wherever possible I use it for whatever I need to do on a computer. Now, one thing particularly thin on the ground is DTP software. The only one I know of is Scribus. I have been using it for a while and…

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