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Bandcamp Friday Again!

Tomorrow (4th February) is Bandcamp Friday! Yes, it’s that time again where Bandcamp waives its fees so the artist gets to feel a little more of the benefit from the sale of their works. So, if you are in the mood so spend some cash on music, whether it be …

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Leaving the Room

Studio One iPad Control

There is an old trick when mixing a song that involves walking out of the room while the song is playing but leave the door slightly ajar. For some reason, this really highlights anything that might be wrong with the balance of instruments in a mix. And if there is …

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New Album Mixing

Following the static mixes created late last year, I have spent this week mixing the new album – Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World) – for real. As of right now, all the songs are mixed and, to my now tired ears, sound amazing! All is not …

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Happy New Year

As usual, a belated, but sincere, Happy New Year to all our friends and followers! Hope you all had a safe and rewarding time with your friends, families and loved ones.

Xmas Playlist

Thought it might be fun to gather all our Xmas songs and slap them into one playlist. And here it is. Enjoy and share! If you want to buy these songs, then please head over to Bandcamp!

Christmas is a Coming In

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

I forgot to mention that this Friday sees the release of ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear‘, our 2021 Christmas single. Like the other ones, I have taken an old chestnut and ‘made it my own’. Practically the only recognisable thing is the chorus! It does sound great, though! If …

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Mixing Madness!

In a fit of what can only be described as ‘free time’, I managed to completely mix the new album . . . in one day! Well, when I say mix, I mean I created a static mix of each song – so, nothing but panning and basic volume levels …

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New Artwork

Here is a sneaky peak at the artwork for the forthcoming remaster of our 1994 cassette album Crying to the Future. It will be available to own via Bandcamp or stream with the usual suspects (and then some!) very soon.

Reversal of Time – Remaster

Reversal of Time - Remaster

In a break between the mixing sessions for the new album, I have just released the remastered version of our 1997 album Reversal of Time. As with the others, it has been given a subtle but telling makeover with super-duper new artwork. I think you’ll like it. I have also …

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Don’t Look Now, but here comes a new Song!

It’s been a while, to say the least, so I thought I would share something a bit tasty! I have created a 1-minute a cappella version of the title track from the forthcoming new album. Even in this super raw state, the song is packing a mean emotional punch! Please …

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New Album Update

It’s been a while, but we have an exciting update for you! As you know, the 18-minute epic on the album has vocals already recorded. BUT I have also recorded vocals for another two of the seven tracks on the album. And more multi-part backing vocals. This will make the …

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Quick Competition

What book is this?

I have posted a little competition on our Facebook page where if you correctly guess the book I am reading, you can choose any digital release from our catalogue as your prize. It might be a bit of a tricky thing, mind, but someone out there will know the answer! …

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New Video for Warm Space II

Check this out . . . I’ve just launched a new video for our latest release, the 9+ minute Warm Space II. Check it out below: If you like the video, please subscribe to our channel and share!

Facebook – Encore!

After a long hiatus (see here for the reasons), we are back on Facebook. Briefly, that’s the way the cookie crumbles! Despite all my misgivings about the platform, here we are. Be sure to pop along and like / share etc.

The Remastering Process

I have posted a follow-up to How I Remaster the Ancient Relics! with a more detailed look at the methodology. You can find it here. As well as an expanded outline of the process, I also list the tools and plugins that I have been using to accomplish the task. …

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New Single – Warm Space I (Out Now)

Warm Space I

Yesterday, April 10th, we released a brand new single. The song, Warm Space I, is a short little rocker that is the prelude to a much larger piece that will be released next month. Both these songs will not be on the new album. The Discography has been updated with …

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New Single – Warm Space II

Warm Space II

Warm Space II, the companion piece / sequel to, er, Warm Space I is out now. This is an epic 9+ minute song in a traditional prog rock style, but with a modern edge. Lots of guitar on this one plus some super cool synths and what-not. Be sure to …

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