What’s Going on With Bandcamp?

As some of you may know, Bandcamp has been sold again to another investment company. This is twice in two years, I think. This is very worrying. So far, there have been no changes to how they do business or how they treat artists on the platform. As far as I know, they turn a healthy profit and make more money than Spotify.

Anyway, just in case Bandcamp dies the death of a thousand venture capitalists, I want to make sure we are covered – hence why I have been getting all the CDs into our own store etc. Future proofing, if you like.

For now, though, downloads are the exclusive reserve of Bandcamp as we don’t have the facility (yet) to host and manage them as well as Bandcamp. But that day will come!

And on the subject of our store, don’t forget that the CD of our 2017 album Kicking the Olive Branch is back in stock! Yay!

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