It’s Back, Baby!

Elegant Simplicity - Kicking the Olive Branch

Long since out of stock, I am super pleased to announce that our 2017 album Kicking the Olive Branch is once again available on CD. This time, it is presented as a normal standard jewel case thing. IE: it is not a Digi-Pak!

The music is still the same – there has been no remastering, remixing or anything like that. Just a straight forward production run from the DDP files. It does have a new barcode of course, as it is a re-issue, and some of the artwork has been repurposed to fit the format.

I will post some pics when I have it in my hands. Naturally, it is a full colour picture disc, too.

Stock should be arriving this week or early next week, but you can pre-order a copy right now as it is sure to sell out fast.

Please note that the album is not officially released until October 27th, so you guys are getting first dibs!

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