Downloads! Yes, please!

Elegant Simplicity - Don't Look Down (at the End of the World)

I have finally started adding some (well, one!) downloads to our store. Obviously, the first thing to get the treatment is the new album Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World). The version available for download is 24bit48k in FLAC format. This gets you SUPERB audio quality and reasonable file sizes (which are required when you have such long tracks!). If FLAC is not your thing, you can easily convert to .mp3 in your player of choice.


Straight from studio to you!
Beautiful and ultra high quality artwork package
Full – and proper – tagging. Obviously, you are free to change this as you see fit
Sensible file names so the downloads should slot super easy into your cataloging system
24bit48k resolution – better than CD quality

I am in no way attempting to compete with Bandcamp, but am offering this as an additional means for fans to get our music quickly and easily.

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