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Arturia DIST-OPAMP-21

Some of the guitar on the new album was played using Arturia’s Dist OPAMP-21 plugin. This is a recreation of the Sansamp TECH-21 or whatever it’s called from years gone by. The unit in question was the guitar players go to back in the olden days.

As Arturia say:

Dist OPAMP-21 is a distortion and saturation effect inspired by a guitar pedal cult classic, known for its direct amp-like sound. Add mix-cutting punch, harmonic colour, and pure aggression to any sound with a certified studio legend enhanced for DAW production.

OPAMP-21 – showing the settings I used to recreate a Mesa Boogie amp!

Anyway, I love the thing: it is so easy to get a great sound out of it. Unlike my other virtual amps (Guitar Rig, BiasFX, Amplitude, THU etc), there are no effects at all. Just the amp, speaker, microphones and some EQ. Very refreshing.

Anyway, I created lots of custom presets and, for fun, I dug out the original manual for the hardware unit and painstakingly recreated all the patches! It requires a little finesse, but I am considering making the patches available for those who fancy having a play with them. What do you think? They do sound rather good. I would have to check with Arturia to see if I would be allowed to do such a thing, of course.

Mind you, despite what I have just said, anyone here had a play with ToneX!!!!!! Ye gods, that is one awesome thing indeed. Truly, we are overburdened with choice!

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