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2023 – Part Two: the Next Six Months

Following on from my previous post, here are the forthcoming attractions for the rest of 2023. With the exception of Sad Tidings, everything else is scheduled and will happen on the day in question.

I won’t say too much about what’s coming, so as not to spoil the surprise. Just make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list so you don’t miss out!

Music Releases

  • 2023-07-21 – Faster Than Ever Before – EP
  • 2023-09-01 – Zero Matter – Single, featuring full band recording of a song omitted from the latest album
  • 2023-10-13 – Groundfall II – Single, featuring full band recording of a song omitted from the latest album
  • 2023-12-01 – Sad Tidings – Christmas Album. This will be on Compact Disc and Download and will feature remastered versions of all our Christmas songs + some little extra bits for added spice! This will be a seriously nice package you won’t want to miss. In fact, it may turn out to be the gift that keeps on giving!


There will also be an assortment of videos to look forward to.

Site Updates

I will continue to post things as often as possible which I hope you find interesting. There are some music reviews and stuff already in the can, so will post these on an ongoing basis. And, of course, I will continue to refine the site.

About Us

ELEGANT SIMPLICITY is a Rock Band from the UK. If you like eclectic music that mixes elements of classic progressive rock, underground, folk, fusion, and all points in between, we might just be the band for you!

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”


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