Avenged Sevenfold – Life is But a Dream… (2023)

Avenged Sevenfold - Life is But a Dream

Well, here is something quite incredible. Probably the best progressive rock record I’ve heard all year.

Now, I know little about this band other than the occasional thing they have played on Planet Rock radio. Never really grabbed me, though: just seemed like typical modern day metal to me. But then, modern day metal is not my bag, so what do I know!

Anyway, I was watching Andy Edwards on YouTube waxing lyrical about this album and –  on the strength of that – I went and bought it!

And, like, WOW!!!

Not one rubbish track on the album. Zero filler. For a mainstream band, this is super brave as it has a complete kitchen sink approach to it. It even has mellotrons! Electronica? Check? Soundgarden-esque type rocking? Check? Crooner style balladeering? Check? Awesome guitar solos? Brass section? Check. It’s really hard to describe the album as it covers so much ground yet stands up as a cohesive whole.

Cosmic, Easier, G, (O)rdinary, (D)eath and the beautiful solo piano piece that ends the record are standouts.

G will remind you of Frank Zappa – Zombie Woof, indeed! As well as a smattering of Joe’s Garage. Love the female backing vocals, too. 

In summary, just buy the thing and you will not be able to stop playing it. I have racked up 100 plays of the entire album so far in just over 7 days!

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