New Album – Out Now

Elegant Simplicity - Don't Look Down (at the End of the World)

“It’s here, come to put us in our place”

I’m super pleased to announce that our new album DON’T LOOK DOWN (AT THE END OF THE WORLD) is available NOW on Bandcamp, a full month before general release.

Available on CD, Cassette and Download, this is our first album in years to feature vocals as the primary driver. We have two fabulous singers – Tomas and Iona – plus a full band of additional musicians to propel the thing along in fine style. It also has the longest epic since “Kicking the Olive Branch” in the shape of “Reflections”, a whopping 18 minutes of all kinds of goodness.

Hopefully, you will have heard the first couple of singles and are as stoked (isn’t that what the cool kids say?) as I hope you are to hear the album in its full glory.

Thanks for listening!

Oh . . . . . you can also buy the CD or Cassette direct from our new on-line shop!

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