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Aquatorium (Demos and Rare Tracks) (Remaster)

Aquatorium (Demos and Rare Tracks) (Remaster) (2022)

This album is a collection of Demos and Rare tracks recorded between October 1994 and October 2003.

It’s Only Water, Those Three Words Again, Changing Views, Inside the Dome, Whenever I Close My Eyes (Full Version) were originally intended for the albums The Nature of Change (1996) and Reversal of Time (1997). Without making both albums doubles, there was simply no room for the material and they didn’t quite fit the themes, anyway! These five songs eventually found their way onto the fan club cassette Changing Views (1997).

In 2004, the original five tracks were gathered together – along with some more rarities – and released on the CD a.q.u.a.t.o.r.i.u.m (2004). The oldest of the new additions is probably the Solar Mass Music track. Not sure when I recorded it, but it is way before The Nature of Change album. The rest of the album is made up of stuff intended for other albums or written for projects that never came to fruition. Notable exception is the extended cut of Ilmarinen’s Bride of Gold, which was a song composed for a triple CD compilation called Kalevala.

This new version of Aquatorium features the complete 2004 album, fully restored and remastered. There may still be the odd imperfection or two, given the age and recording methods used; but this all adds to the charm.

We hope you like it – there is much to enjoy.

Steven McCabe, September 2022 

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Extra Downloads

As well as 78 minutes of music, you also get a full CD artwork package (8 Page Booklet, Disc and Tray Card) and an A5 booklet. The booklet contains fully expanded sleeve notes, lyrics, artwork, detailed collector’s information etc.


  1. A Crack in the Ice (Edit) (Prev. Unreleased) (03.04)
  2. Whenever I Close My Eyes (Prev. Unreleased Extended Version) (10.19)
  3. It’s Only Water (Prev. Unreleased) (05.34)
  4. Mood # 8 (Prev. Unreleased) (03.20)
  5. It Hurts So Much (Loving You) (Prev. Unreleased) (06.29)
  6. Take Me To The River (Acoustic Demo) (Prev. Unreleased) (03.35)
  7. My One Great Love (Prev. Unreleased) (04.12)
  8. Ilmarinen’s Bride of Gold (Prev. Unreleased Extended Version) (05.36)
  9. Those Three Words Again (Prev. Unreleased Demo) (05.19)
  10. Inside the Dome (Prev. Unreleased Demo) (05.01)
  11. Changing Views (Prev. Unreleased Demo) (05.31)
  12. Solar Mass Music (Prev. Unreleased Improvisation) (19.47)

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe – All instruments and Performances except:
  • Ken Senior – Vocals on Tracks 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 and Acoustic Guitar on Track 7
  • Laurence Harrington – Vocals on Track 6
  • Joseph Dawson – Violin Solo on Track 1
  • Peter Douglas – Drums on Tracks 2 and 3
  • Christopher Knight – Drums on Tracks 1,4 and 8


This album was compiled from the original master tapes and digitally enhanced for optimum sound
quality. Given the sonic restrictions of some of the source material, not everything is perfect!

Originally compiled and mastered between Monday 12/01/2004 and Thursday 15/01/2004.
This version compiled and remastered August / September 2022.


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