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Yamaha Revstar in Hot Merlot!

I’ve never been one to lust after guitars (sweeping statement alert!) – apart from a Parker Fly, which I never got close to! – but when Yamaha updated their Revstar range last year I was immediately hooked on it.

Many an hour was idled away watching videos.

And then I had to have one. Trouble is, they are a high demand item and it took ages to find one actually in stock and not used for demo-ing purposes.

Anyway, I placed an order and one day later I was the proud owner of the guitar you see pictured below. The image doesn’t do it justice: it is quite stunning and sounds and plays like a dream.

Yamaha Revstar in Hot Merlot!
Yamaha Revstar in Hot Merlot!

The guitar made its recording debut on the song Just Another Goodbye, due to be released on 9th September 2022. Main rhythmn guitar and long sustained lead fills all played on this instrument. Rest of the guitar parts had already been laid down using my trusty Strat, which was also used for the solo.

Finally, all the amp sounds came out of Arturia’s marvellous Dist OPAMP-21. I really must write a review of the thing – it sounds simply awesome!

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