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The Tangent – Songs from the Hard Shoulder (2022)

This is the latest album from this UK based progressive rock band and is one of the best in their catalgoue.

As usual, we are treated to some very long songs, political commentary, social commentary and all manner of musical styles – often within the same song!

Andy Tillison has a unique voice and he knows how to use it to serve the material which would undoubtedly sound awkward or forced in other hands. Musically, the band is as tight as they come. Superb keyboards, of course, and great drums, bass etc.

The first track, The Changes has a direct lyric quote from Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape by the mighty Be Bop Deluxe! Listen out for the marvellous Moog coda! Awesome and super melodic.

Highlight, for me, is the 20 minute song The Lady Tied to the Lamp Post. A great title, for sure and, lyrically very thought provoking.

This version of the album I have has a bonus track, a cover of UK’s In the Dead of Night. While a great song and covered really well, it is totally not required and ruins the flow of the album.

Despite that, this is a great album and should be required listening for any progressive rock fan.

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