New Bass Guitar

Steinberger Bass

I’m very late posting this, but a few months back, before I was laid low with back issues, I bought a New Bass Guitar! Even though I play less bass than I used to (I have used session guys for the last few albums), I still like to dabble.

I’ve always liked headless guitars, so I bought a Steinberger Spirit XT-2 in Hot Rod Red. Now these basses are strictly ‘budget’ level (in terms of price, more than anything else), but sound great through my Hartke amp. Best of all, DI’d straight into the computer and re-amped using Guitar Rig or THU etc, it sounds super awesome. It sounds even more awesome through Arturia’s Dist OPAMP-21 (a review coming shortly).

You can hear it on the single Warm Space II. And it is plastered all over some non Elegant Simplicity music I am currently recording. More on that when I have something to share!

Having not played for a good few years, my hands took some time to get back into the swing of things. Hurt like hell, especially my right hand. I don’t use a pick, so it’s all fingers and thumbs! Always amazes me that when you play bass for a while then switch to guitar –

  1. How small the guitar seems!
  2. And how much better your guitar playing becomes. Must be something to do with the extra stretching?

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