Leaving the Room

Studio One iPad Control

There is an old trick when mixing a song that involves walking out of the room while the song is playing but leave the door slightly ajar.

For some reason, this really highlights anything that might be wrong with the balance of instruments in a mix. And if there is something wrong, you need to nip back into the room, make a change, nip back out, and check how it sounds. Can be a pain and gets in the way of objective listening.

Taking this to the next level, I connected my iPad to my Studio One mix session (which is on a PC), and I was able to mix the tracks live from the landing outside the studio door and control the balance as I was listening to it! What kind of crazy magic is this!!!!

This is super useful and really speeds up the workflow. In one of the new songs, for example, I could clearly hear that the bass was too loud and react accordingly.


If you are a Studio One user, you can check out the full details here.

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