New Album Mixing

Following the static mixes created late last year, I have spent this week mixing the new album – Don’t Look Down (at the End of the World) – for real.

As of right now, all the songs are mixed and, to my now tired ears, sound amazing!

All is not rosy in the garden of studio delights, though. There now comes the task of listening critically to everything and going back to the multitrack, making some adjustments, and trying again! Once that process has resulted in a record I am happy with, it just needs mastering to bring it up to modern loudness specs and it’s off to the races we go!

  • Still got the artwork to consider!
  • And will there be a CD version or not?

In total, as I’m sure you must know by now, there are 7 tracks and the whole lot will clock in at round 50 – 52 minutes, depending on how ruthless I feel during the mastering stage! May yet drop a longish track, though, and replace it with a shorter one as I feel that 50+ minutes is way too long.

In amongst all of that, I have started an extremely exciting side project, resurrecting a ghost from the past. There are two albums in pre-production. One will have 7 songs conceptually based around the Locrian mode, and the other is a mammoth 50-minute piece. Can’t remember if I’ve talked about that in the past, but it is one interesting work indeed.

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