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Warm Space II

Warm Space II (2021)

Warm Space II


This is the second part of our Warm Space duology! Where the first part was fast and furious and more in your face rock, this one is more considered and a bit of a prog powerhouse. This is truly a kitchen sink production, using some 48 tracks in its construction. It’s in three distinct movements, too.

Opening with a groovy bass riff in 2/4 (don’t ask!) and some super analogue synth sounds, it has a nifty little guitar and Moog motif that is quite the earworm. To complete the first movement, throw in some sequenced synths, mad tom-tom flams plus B3 organ. Once that subsides, it’s straight into a semi acoustic section featuring a beautiful lead guitar melody set against the B3 and some strings. Lovely stuff for sure.

But wait, next is an epic piano and organ thing and a unison part featuring everything so far! That leads into a most elegiac synth solo against a backdrop of mellotron, B3 and acoustic guitar. The Moog solo is completely improvised in one take (I did do several more, but the first was the best). We then have a unison thing with drums before it fades into the spacey section.

In this section we feature some vocals and narration in a call and response type thing. Quite spooky with tons of layered sound effects. And then we have a reprise of the intro section, this time featuring two extra guitar parts, narration, and that lovely guitar motif. Finally, it ends with a piano, guitar, and organ duet! Busy is not the word!


  1. Warm Space II (09:22)

Release Information

LabelCat #YearFormatBuy
Proximity RecordsESDD202105282021DigitalBuy


  • Steven McCabe – Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Art
  • Recorded at Propinquity Studios, UK, between February and May 2021
  • Mixed and mastered May 2021
  • Produced and engineered by Steven McCabe



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