Natural Instinct Remaster – Out Now

Natural Instinct (Remaster)

Here we are with latest remaster. This time it is the 1995 album Natural Instinct. I’ve always had a soft spot for this album and this version is by far the best version of it. As well as the music, there is a special A4 poster to download featuring the changing artwork through the ages; some of it not seen since first release on cassette!

If you already own any version of this album (either download or CD-R), you are entitled to a FREE upgrade to the remastered version. Simply use the contact form at Bandcamp, tell us who you are, and we will send you a code on validation. You can, of course, re-buy it you would like to!


The discography page is also updated with the latest information including some never before revealed stuff about how the record was actually made!

Finally, the new artwork is in keeping with the original cassette releases; paying homage to it, if you will!

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