New Single – Warm Space I (Out Now)

Warm Space I

Yesterday, April 10th, we released a brand new single. The song, Warm Space I, is a short little rocker that is the prelude to a much larger piece that will be released next month. Both these songs will not be on the new album.

The Discography has been updated with all you need to know.

This song is very much a guitar-based piece (there are six guitar parts) and we have Mario Polisena guesting on bass guitar. There is some mellotron and moogs, as you would expect, but the whole thing is a guitar-fest from start to almost finish. I say almost, cos the ending takes a bizarre twist and turn into electronic music which leads us into Part II, of which more next month.

Please enjoy the song and don’t forget to share, like, comment and all the usual stuff. There should be a video for it soon.

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