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The Shame of Copy / Paste!

Well, here’s a thing! I just sent out the monthly newsletter. So far, so reasonably on time of me! However, I sent it out with LAST MONTHS subject line!!! How embarrassing. Basically, when writing the newsletter, I replicate the previous month, make a few changes to the metadata then replace all the old content with new content. That way, I preserve the formatting and don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

In this case, though, I royally cocked it up! So, while the subject line is not fresh, the content is. And it is good stuff, too.

Apologies for that . . . normal service will be resumed next month!

About Us

ELEGANT SIMPLICITY is a Rock Band from the UK. If you like eclectic music that mixes elements of classic progressive rock, underground, folk, fusion, and all points in between, we might just be the band for you!

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”


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