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Improper Advances – 2020 Remaster Out Now

This long-forgotten album, from 1992, has finally been dragged kicking and screaming into 2020 with a shiny new cover and spiffingly antique sound. Remember, this is a very old album, recorded with very basic equipment and so is not the last word in hi-fi. Lo-Fi, is probably a better term for it. As I say in the updated discography entry:

It is made up of songs recorded between 1990 and 1992 using all kinds of instruments and devices. Recorded on 4 track cassette, it is very lo-fi and inconsistent in tone as a result. Some songs sound better than others, depending on when they were recorded and what gear I had at the time!

If you can live with those limitations, there are lots of things to enjoy. The songs are pretty decent, there is tons of guitar playing (TONS!) and there is definitely a charm about it. Because of the nature of this album, it will not be released anywhere other than Bandcamp. So don’t go looking for it on Spotify. It won’t be there!



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