Moments of Clarity (2020 Remaster) OUT NOW

Moments of Clarity - 2020 Remaster

As part of the ongoing remastering campaign, I am pleased to announce that the classic 1999 album Moments of Clarity has been given a makeover. It sounds and looks great.

It is available for purchase and download from our store RIGHT NOW and will on the streaming platforms on the 27th of March.

REMINDER: If you already own this album (either as CD or Download), the remaster is FREE. Simply use the contact page at Bandcamp and drop me a note. I will then email you a special code.

That’s as awesome as an awesome thing . . . . . ONLY available directly from us!

BONUS!!!! A super lyric sheet has been produced to accompany this release. Be sure to download it so you can sing along and wallow in the misery-inflected subject matter!

Cover Up – Before and After!

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