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The Progressive Underground, Vol 2

The Progressive Underground Vol 2

The Progressive Underground Volume 2 is out now and continues author Kevin Rowland’s deep delve into this marvellous genre. This volume covers demo and album reviews by artists from I to S. Here are the artists featured (often multiple times) :

Icon, Igzit-Nine, Ilúvatar, Iluzjon, Imagin’Aria, Incandescent Sky, Ines Project, The Inhabitants of Yip, Inkább Holnap, Interpose +, Into Eternity, Iona, IQ, The Ire, Iron Clowns, Ivanhoe, Ivory Tower, Daniel J, Jadis, Jaén Kief, Janison Edge, The Jelly Jam, Jeremy, Jeremy + Progressor, Guillermo Cazenave, Guill & Jem, Jeronimo Road, Steve Joliffe, Jones, Evans & Turner, Nigel Mazlyn Jones, Jump , Kada, Marius Kahan, Kaipa, Kalo, Kambium, Kamelot, Kampec Delores, Kansas, Kara, Karcius, Karda Estra, Karfagen, Kava Kava, KBB, Kenziner, King Bathmat, King’s X, Kino, Kitaro, Knitting By Twilight, Nelko Kolarov, Kooch, Kopecky, Alexander Kostarev Group, Krel, Sonja Kristina, K², James Labrie, Landberk, Landmarq, Lands End, Lana Lane, Lanfear, Lanvall, Last Tribe, Last Turion, Last Warning, Legend, Leger De Main, Lemur Voice, The Lens, Lest, Light, The Light, Lightspeed, Like Wendy, Par Lindh Project, Liquid Scarlet, Little Atlas, Little Tragedies, Lives and Times, Kerry Livgren, Lizard, Huw Lloyd Langton, Llyn Y Morynion, Loermel, Bertrand Loreau, Lorien, Lost World, Lucas, White & Edsey, Lunar Chateau, LU7, Bjørn Lynne , Madrigal, Maestoso, Magellan, Magenta, Magic Moments At Twilight Time, Magic Pie, Magnesis, Magnitude 9, Nick Magnus, Magus, Martin Maheux, Malombra, Mangala Vallis, Manitou, Geoff Mann, Manning, Man On Fire, Marillion, Mk II, Masque, Mastermind, Matter of Taste, McGill, Manring, Stevens, Medicine Man, Melbourne, Men of Lake, Mentaur, Merchants Vice, Mercy Train, Mermaid Kiss, Metagaia, Metamorphosis, Mico, Millenium, Mindflowers, Ming Fighters, Minimum Vital, Minoke?, Miosótis, Mirage, Mr. Gil, Mr. So & So, Mist Season, Mizukagami, Molca, Francis Monkman, Montefeltro, Moon Safari, Moria Falls, Neal Morse, Tim Morse, Morsof, Moscow Riley, Mostly Autumn, Musical Witchcraft, Music Station, My Empty Room, Myster Kah, Mystery, Mythologic, Naikaku, NDV, Necrost, Negative Zone, Nemo, Nepenthe, Neronia, The New Grove Project, New Sun, Niadem’s Ghost, Nice Beaver, Nil, Noekk, The Noisy Room, Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman, no-man, No Name, Noom, Erik Norlander, Nosound, Novact, November, Now, Gary Numan, Nûs, Nyl, October Equus, Odyssice, Office of Strategic Influence, Ryo Okumoto, Olyam, Øresund Space Collective, Martin Orford, Orplid, Cliff Orsi, Murat Öztürk Trio, Out of Abbfinoosty, Ozone Quartet, Ozric Tentacles, Paatos, Pain of Salvation, Paley’s Watch, Pallas, Carl Palmer, Pangaea, Peter Panka’s Jane, Panopticum, Paradogs, Parallel or 90 Degrees, Matthew Parmenter, Rog Patterson, Henning Pauly, Payne’s Gray, Pendragon, Alain Pernot, Persephone’s Dream, Persona Non Grata, Peter Room, Phideaux, Gary Pickford Hopkins, Pictorial Wand, Pineapple Thief, Michael Pinnella, Planet X, Platypus, Podsdarapomuk, Bill Pohl, Poisoned Electrick Head, Jon Poole, Poor Genetic Material, Popol Vuh, Porcupine Tree, Poverty’s No Crime, Present, Mark Price, Prime Mover, Primitive Instinct, PRKLZ, Product, Project Creation, Prong, Proto-Kaw, Psyambience, PTS, Pulse Engine, Puppet Show, Pursuit, Qango, Qoph, Quarkspace, Quasar, Queensrÿche , Quest, The Quest, Quidam, Quikion, Radiomöbel , Rakoth, Ravana, Ray, Razor Wire Shrine, Red Jasper, Regenesis, Relayer, Renaissance, Retroheads, Revelation, Revolver, RH Factor, Ricochet, Ring of Fire, Ring of Myth, Ritual, Riverside, Rocket Scientists, Kurt Rongey, Rook, Root, Round House, Rousseau, RPWL, RSC, Runaway Totem, Sad Minstrel, Saens, Saga, Salem Hill, Sandstone, Satellite, Lee Saunders, Scenes, Schloss Adler, Don Schiff, Secret Saucer, Il Segno Del Comando, Senses, Sensitive To Light, Seraphique, 7 Months, Shadow Gallery, Shadow Keep, Shadowland, Derek Sherinian, Shingetsu, Michael Shipway, Shizuka, Show-Yen, Shub-Niggurath, Side Steps, Sieges Even, Silent Edge, Silver Lining, Richard Sinclair, Sinister Street, Sinkadus, Sixnorth, Jósef Skrzek, Skyron Orchestra, The Skys, Skywalkers, Sleeping Giant, Sleepy People, Gilli Smyth, Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson, Solar, Solaris, Solstice, Solstice Coil, Sonic Music, Sonic Pulsar, Sonus Umbra, Space Avenue, Spaced Out, Spacehead, Space Mirrors, Space Nelson, Space Ritual.net, Special Experiment, Specimen 37, Spektrum, Sphere, Sphere of Souls, Spock’s Beard, Starless, Star One, Steelwind, Simon Steensland, Stereoscope, Roine Stolt, Strangebrew, Strangefish, Strangers On A Train, Stream of Passion, The String Cheese Incident, ST37, Subaudition, Subspace Radio, Summer Indoors, Sunseth Sphere, Svann, Sylvan, Symphony X, Syzygy, Witsend

As with the previous volume, many of these artists have fallen by the wayside but just as many are still active today. It is a real treat to re-discover their history and brush up on forgotten knowledge. I discovered many of these artists after reading Kevin’s reviews.

Illustrated throughout with rare cassette covers, CD sleeves etc, this book is another delight from cover to cover. Takes a while to get through, but it’s well worth investing the time to do so.  

I’m going to mention it again . . . . please, can we have a Kindle Edition!  

For reference: 

Volume 1: demo / CD reviews from A-H 
Volume 2: demo / CD reviews from I-S 
Volume 3: demo / CD reviews from T-Z, plus DVD/Video/Live reviews and interviews 

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