The Ghost of a Smile (2019)

The Ghost of a Smile

New for 2019 is this latest ELEGANT SIMPLICITY release “The Ghost of a Smile“, featuring a stellar cast of additional musicians.

Not a concept album as such – though the songs are thematically linked – and all deal with magic, mystery and the unexplained. It’s a very moody album with lots of interesting twists and turns. This is probably our most musically adventurous album, blending progressive rock, hard rock, folk, orchestral and new age into a melting pot of melody.

Track By Track

Transfiguration (07:03)

Opening with a glorious synth + guitar riff, this song will indeed take you on a journey. Fabulous middle section with some terrific flute work. At the end, the song climaxes with an awesome guitar riff!

Heartbeat of the Nation (04:23)

A lovely unison opening with William on the violin as the song takes us along the road marked ‘stomp!’

Seeing Magic (08:16)

An epic in every sense. Beautifully narrated by Jody, this song is all about magic in things that are real and not imagined and not inferred. The middle section features William playing some absolutely gorgeous violin.

Avoidance of Mirrors (05:38)

An old school Hammond and guitar workout with a splendid organ solo. Uriah Heep meets the Moody Blues!

Connected (01:53)

A very short and beautiful orchestral piece with some spooky guitar! Brings the vibe down as it slides into the big epic that follows.

The Ghost of a Smile (11:31)

Here is the title track, with more diversions than you can shake a stick at.

Fateful Fancification (08:58)

This is a really deceptive song. First few minutes are almost in new age territory . . . . but wait . . . . in come the drums, the bass, the guitar and the trumpet and the kitchen sink to provide an ending that will long linger. The duelling trumpets are a thing to behold. When the song has ran out of breath, it returns to the start, but in a different way.

Release Info

LabelCat #YearFormatBuy
Proximity RecordsESDD20191129-01 29th November 2019DigitalBuy Now
Proximity RecordsESCD20191129-0121st February 2020CDBuy Now


  1. Transfiguration (07:03)
  2. Heartbeat of the Nation (04:23)
  3. Seeing Magic (08:16)
  4. Avoidance of Mirrors (05:38)
  5. Connected (01:53)
  6. The Ghost of a Smile (11:31)
  7. Fateful Fancification (08:58)

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe – Guitars and Keyboards
  • Hector Ruano – Bass Guitar
  • Maurizio Antonini – Drums
  • William Stewart – Violin
  • Barbara Bolivar – Flute
  • Jim Wells – Trumpet
  • Jody Smith – Narration


Recorded at Propinquity Studios, UK and at various locations in France, Italy, USA and Venezuela. Mixed and Mastered between 21st May 2016 and 13th November 2019. Produced and engineered by Steven McCabe.

Artwork and layout by Steven McCabe


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