In The Bleak Mid Winter (2019)

In The Bleak Mid Winter


Our 2019 Xmas Single is a sweet litle rework of the classic ‘In The Bleak Mid Winter ‘. . . taken to a whole new level that original composer Gustav Holst might not have approved!
Faithful to the original tune, more or less, it’s the middle secton that is of great interest . . . it’s simply awesome! If you can’t wait to get there, fast forward to 01:37 🙂
I was toying with the idea of calling the track ‘In The Bleak Mid Nuclear Winter‘, given the downbeat and not very Christmassy album cover. But tradition and – maybe – common sense prevailed.

I hope you enjoy the song.


Lyrics? Nah . . . this is an INSTRUMENTAL version!



  1. In The Bleak Mid Winter (03:39)

Release Information

Label Cat # Year Format Buy
Proximity Records ESDD20191115-01 15th November 2019 Digital Buy


  • Steven McCabe – Guitars, Keyboards, Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered at various times between Saturday 14th September 2019 and Tuesday 12th November 2019

Art Design and layout by Steven McCabe


Please note that the song will not be on the usual streaming / download platforms until or around December 13th!

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