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Neewer Studio Monitor Isolation Pads for 8 inch Monitors

I’ve been recording music for many years and I have never invested in any isolation pads for my monitor speakers. The main reason being that I had some serious heavy duty spiked stands / isolation, so they weren’t needed. However, they broke and never got replaced. Since then, my monitors have been sat on the desk.

It always bugged me, though, how hard I had to work to get the bass end of my music behaving the way it should so I took a chance and bought these pads.

The pads are quite large: you can fit an NS10M horizontally or cut the pads in half and use them with four speakers or keep them as a spare pair.

I wouldn’t say they were an ear-popping revelation, but they definitely do make a solid and perceptible difference to the quality of the audio in my studio. I tested them before and after and could clearly hear the difference, albeit slight, in the sound. Because of this, I’m having less trouble controlling the ‘bass flap’ in my room.  This is a good thing!

In summary, then, well worth the money and they do work!

Check them out at Amazon (opens in new window).

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