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The Progressive Underground, Vol 1

The Progressive Underground

The Progressive Underground Volume 1 is a new series of books starring the progressive music scene as seen through the eyes, ears and pen of noted reviewer Kevin Rowland. It covers the years 1991 through 2006.  

Kevin has written for just about every prog / rock related magazine and blog for many years and decided to compile all his reviews and interviews into a suitably prog-tastic 3 volume set!   

Kevin writes with a passion and devotion not often seen in mainstream journalism: he pulls no punches when required but more often than not always gives a fair appraisal of the work in hand.  

It’s a fascinating read: some bands have been reviewed from their first album to their latest (as of 2006) and it makes for a compelling delve into antiquity and beyond.  

Illustrated throughout with rare cassette covers, CD sleeves etc, this book will delight and enthral all lovers of the Progressive Underground in no uncertain measure. I strongly suspect that all three volumes are destined to become collector’s items, so hold on to yours!  

A three volume work such as this is unprecedented and Kevin deserves much praise for tackling such a daunting task. Kudos, too, to the publisher, Gonzo Multimedia for having the faith required to invest in such a work.  

The only downside is that there is currently no Kindle version of the book!!! Would make searching a breeze . . .  !  

For reference: 

Volume 1: demo / CD reviews from A-H 
Volume 2: demo / CD reviews from I-S 
Volume 3: demo / CD reviews from T-Z, plus DVD/Video/Live reviews and interviews 

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