Ilmarinen’s Bride of Gold (2018)


Ilmarinen’s Bride of Gold, as featured on the triple Kalevala album some years ago (2003), is now available as a remixed, partially re-recorded and fully remastered new version!

So, what’s changed?

The core of the track is as it was originally recorded. However, this new version features my own mellotron (the Presence Tron!) and new organ and synth parts.

Listen out for the brass Moog sound in the intro.

It also ditches the 12 string guitar and piano solo. In comes a smashing saxophone solo instead from Nathan. The whole thing has been re-mixed and mastered and the results are rather good!

And, of course, it also has it’s own rather excellent artwork, based on Gallen Kallela’s The Forging of the Sampo (1893).


Ilmarinen’s Bride of Gold (05:37)

Release Information

Label Cat # Year Format Buy
Proximity Records ESDD20180112 12th January 2018 Digital Buy


  • Steven McCabe – Guitars, Keyboards
  • Christopher Knight – Drums
  • Nathan Madsen – Sax

Originally recorded 2002, this version partially re-recorded, mixed and mastered between August and January 2018.

Composed, arranged, produced and engineered by Steven McCabe

Art Design and layout by Steven McCabe

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