Silent Night

Just a quick update . . . I have now completed the recording of the instrumental version of this years Xmas single. As you can probably guess, it is Silent Night. But not any old Silent Night! No, this is a kitchen sink progressive rock epic!

We have the usual rock band instruments + added brass, woodwinds, orchestra and . . . . church bells! It sounds awesome. Oh, and it features my very own Mellotron (the Presence Tron). . . . the software instrument I’ve making for some time now.

As the original song is very simple (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), I added a new intro and a crazy middle section.

I’m currently checking out some potential vocalists to sing the melody. The plan is that the vocal version will be the main one available across all platforms, with the instrumental version being a bonus track for those who prefer to buy direct.

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