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Elegant Simplicity - Kicking the Olive Branch

Kicking the Olive Branch (2017)

About Kicking the Olive Branch

New for 2017 is this latest ELEGANT SIMPLICITY release “Kicking the Olive Branch“, featuring a stellar cast of additional musicians.

7 brand new tunes, including the epic title track, fusing funk (yeah, funk!), classic rock, progressive rock and other stuff into a seamless melodic whole.

Harder rocking than any previous release, this has some cool guitar moments, sweet mini-moog madness and some fantastic sax and violin moves.

Favourite track is the joyous, moody, uplifting “Lovotics“, a song about relationships with, er, non-humans of the robot persuasion! Contains not one, but two guitar solos that pack a deeply emotional punch.

Quantum Spin” is a groovy little rocker and “Inconsistent Echoes” will floor you with its epic wah-wah goodness.

The album kicks off with the knotty “Timely Reminder“, borne out of a jam session and matured into a stonking little party piece. William really shines on “Dying Shadows“, paying a great solo against some hypnotic rhythms.

And then we have “Mood # 12“, another entry in the ongoing “Mood” saga. This is by far the best with tons of stuff going on to keep the interest.

The title track, though, is an epic inspired by a little known back catalogue gem and seen through to its logical conclusion. Featuring some terrific vocal samples – which are both timely and resonant in today’s fragmented world – this tune has the lot! Take it for a spin.

Release Info

LabelCat #YearFormatBuy
Proximity RecordsESCD 20170602-012nd June 2017CD AlbumBuy Now
Proximity RecordsESDD 20170602-012nd June 2017DigitalBuy Now


  1. Timely Reminder (3:47)
  2. Dying Shadows (5:20)
  3. Lovotics (5:53)
  4. Inconsistent Echoes (4:31)
  5. Mood # 12 (7:50)
  6. Quantum Spin (4:47)
  7. Kicking the Olive Branch (20:06)

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe – Guitars and Keyboards
  • Brandon Meeks – Bass
  • Maurizio Antonini – Drums
  • William Stewart – Violin
  • Nathan Madsen – Sax
  • Noam Goldstein – Flute


Recorded at Propinquity Studios, UK and at various locations in France, Italy, USA and Israel between 13/01/2016 and 02/04/2017

Mixed and Mastered between 03/04/2017 and 10/05/2017. Produced and engineered by Steven McCabe.

Artwork and layout by Steven McCabe

Voice / speech by Bertrand Russell, taken from Speaking of Liberty (NBC Red Radio series), first broadcast 24th July 1941

“We must insist that our governments tell us the truth and not soften us with optimistic lies”

“We must learn to endure the truth even if it is unpalatable”

“Liberty for all mankind is the ultimate goal”


About Us

ELEGANT SIMPLICITY is a Rock Band from the UK. If you like eclectic music that mixes elements of classic progressive rock, underground, folk, fusion, and all points in between, we might just be the band for you!

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”


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