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Incoming: Passing Fancy (I, II) (2017 Remix)

As everyone reading this likely knows, for some time now all members of the list have been able to download an exclusive – never commercially released – 10 minute epic called Passing Fancy (I, II).

This song was recorded at the same time as the All Life is One sessions but was never used on that album on account of it having a different drummer than the rest of it; so the sound did not quite gel.

Anyway, I have made the decision (long ago hinted at) to release this song commercially. BUT WAIT! There’s more!

It is currently being remixed (with a few surprises added onto it) + it will have expanded artwork etc.

As usual with us for things like this . . . the single will be FREE to all those who have the original version. And those that purchase the new version will get the old version as a bonus track! So, everybody wins!

It will be released shortly via BandCamp before appearing in your favourite other download stores / streaming sites.



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