Kicking the Olive Branch – Mastering Update

Kicking the Olive Branch Mastering Session

Just another quick update to let you know (in case it appears that I have forgotten!) that the new album is almost upon us. Over this weekend, I will be completing the mastering (see image).

The big hold-up, really, was the title track: it’s seriously layered and dynamic + I went to town on mix automation. I’m aware that lots of people listen to music almost exclusively on headphones / earbuds, so I thought it would be cool to really make the mix pop!

Anyway, it’s sounding pretty sweet and am really looking forward to getting it out there. Another update will follow shorty after the master is complete.

For those of you interested, I am using the Studio One 3 project page for the mastering and creation of the DDP package for the CD pressing plant (there will be a post about CDs later . . . . . !).

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