Five down, Two to go . . . .

We have now completed the drum recording of 5 of the seven tracks for the new album. Just two more to go . . . one of which is being worked on this week. When that one is done, all we will have left is the 20 minute title track.

The drum kit is tracked using 8 microphones and captures the following pieces:

  • Cymbal Left
  • Cymbal Right
  • Kick Drum
  • Snare Top
  • Snare Bottom
  • Tom 1 and Tom 2
  • Floor Tom
  • Hi Hat

There is a certain amount of ambience / bleed using this method, but it does sound terrific!

Because we are labouring long and hard over this, there will a delay on the album’s release. Maybe an additional 3-4 weeks or something. It will be worth it, though.

Hoping to capture some of the drum recording onto video, too! . . . more of this later . . . . .

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