Rhapsody Sweden – Strange Vibrations

Many years ago, more than I care to remember, I heard a song on the radio called Belly Dancer. I loved it straight away and managed to record most of it to cassette.

DJs being DJs, I never got to find out who it was by. As the years passed, the song has stayed with me. No longer on cassette, but in my head: it was such a memorable tune I doubt I could ever forget it.

Year after year, I tried to find out who it was by . . . . with no success.

And then, on a whim, I searched for the song on Google Play Music. I loaded up all songs called Belly Dancer and worked through the previews.

Lo and behold, there it was…..

Belly Dancer

This is an awesome track, with the rest of the album delivering the goods in pretty fine style, too. If you like late 70s Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Scorpions, Deep Purple, UFO etc, you’ll love this album. Apparently it was recorded in 1978.

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