New Single coming on Friday!

This Friday, November the 6th, we will be releasing the first single in support of the new album All Life is One.

The single will feature the classic A Side / B Side combination from days gone by of an edited version of the track Falling to the Ground and a previously unreleased version of the track Love is Transferred.

Now, this track is a real treat for you. It is a totally new version of the song featuring a female singer (for the first time ever for us!), plus a killer guitar break and some beautiful flute playing from Allen Bruce Ray.

To cap it all off, it is in a style I have taken to calling Prog-A-Nova! Yes, it’s progressive rock with a bossa-nova twist! It’s a great version of the song, given a totally different spin by the alternative vocals and arrangement.

In addition to the two great tracks, there is also a nice 2 page PDF booklet featuring full lyrics and copious sleeve notes.

It will be in all the digital stores by Friday as well as our own store, too.

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