Guitarists? Gimme 10!

Everyone loves a Top 10 List, don’t they? Anyway, I am always being asked who my favourite guitar players are, so I thought it was high time I cobbled them together in a list.

Of course, there is no debate over this: it is my list, after all. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.

And in NO PARTICULAR ORDER (not numbered, just to make it super clear!), here they are . . .

John McLaughlin

An absolutely awe inspiring master musician.

David Gilmour

Most would agree that Comfortably Numb would be his defining solo, but in a catalogue of so much melodic and emotive playing, I would probably chose either Mother, Hey You or anything off Dogs.

Andy Latimer

As equally an emotive player as Mr Gilmour, check out Ice or Long Goodbyes.

Bill Nelson

The solo in Crying to the Sky does it for me as well as the cool solos in Dance of the Uncle Sam Humanoids and, of course, the simply brilliant Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape.

Jan Akkerman

Love the way this guy seems to grab at the notes and pluck something wondrous out of thin air.

John Lees

This guy never gets a mention anywhere. But check out his genius solo on Negative Earth or the work on One Night as to why he is in my list.

Tony Iommi

Never mind all the plaudits . . . simply listen to the ASTOUNDING solo on Gypsy from my favourite Sabbath album Technical Ecstasy. The guitar sounds desperate, like it’s crying out in pain. Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Mike Oldfield

A gifted all-round musician for sure, but a phenomenal guitar player with an ultra unique sound and style.

Ritchie Blackmore

No one does the fiery Strat quite like Mr Blackmore, but the solo on Soldier of Fortune is beautiful. Some of the acoustic work he does with Blackmore’s Night is staggeringly good. Without doubt, one of the few rock guitarists who can jam on-stage all night and not sound rubbish!

Francis Dunnery

One of my favourite guitarists and songwriters, check out his solo on the Father and Son cover he did a few years back on Let’s Go Do What Happens. Marvellous. Chuck in You’ll Never Go To Heaven and Yellow Christian for the complete picture.

And there you have it: 10 guitar players that have influenced or inspired me over the years and the one’s who’s work I always come back to.

What do you think? Who is your favourite?

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