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Recordings Galore . . and then some!

Been off this week doing what I love to do . . .  record, record, record and then , just to be sure I didn’t miss anything, record some more!

The next album is really starting to take shape now with 50% of it already in the can. One song ‘All Life is One’ is just waiting for some violin and a few of the others will feature a female vocalist. Once they are completed, there will be an EP released in the summer.

So far, we have: All Life is One, Master of Shadows, Love is Transferred, Falling to the Ground and Tin Rattler.

My hands are sore due to all the guitar and keyboard work I have been doing, but it was worth it: it’s not very often I get such concentrated and uninterrupted studio time.

After this week, I will have another week’s recording time in which to get the remaining songs into shape. The next CD will not be a concept album, but it will be a thematically linked continuous piece of music. And, of course, it will sound nothing like the current album Unforgiving Mirror!



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