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As everyone knows, we have had a very long association with CDBaby but the time has come to make a change.

Namely, we will no longer be selling CDs via that channel once their inventory has depleted. I had actually decided this some time ago, but have only got around to it in practice well.., today! The main reason is financial: due to spiralling costs and international postage rates, it is not feasible at all to use their services for CDs any longer. Digital, no problem – and indeed they are absolutely first class at getting the music to all the digital channels. So all that side of things is cool.

What this means now is that the cheapest, most efficient place to get CDs (as it always has been) is directly from us via our wonderful Bandcamp store. This has the added bonus of you being able to grab the digital version at the same time absolutely free.

As well as that, there are a few distributors from which you can buy, too.

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