Limited Edition CD Almost Gone . . .

Unforgiving Mirror Standard Edition Inner Page

A few weeks after release, I am more than a little pleased to announce that the Limited Edition CD version of Unforgiving Mirror is just about sold out! Fear not, CD fans, as the Standard Edition version is on its way. Should have stock within the next week or so. However, if you get your skates on, you can pick up one of the few remaining copies here.

What are the differences between the Limited Edition and the Standard CD?

  • Limited Edition has an 8 page full colour booklet
  • Limited Edition has full lyrics
  • Standard Edition has a 4 page full colour booklet, no lyrics and DIFFERENT ARTWORK! See Discography for more on this.

Why the Different Artwork?

Primarily, it was because I wanted to make the first edition a bit special for the early adopters and secondly, it was the best way to keep the packages distinct from each other without butchering the artwork of the original version. In the end, I kept the colour scheme from the spine and made that the central focus of the inner page along with a pretty spooky image to go along with it.

Unforgiving Mirror Standard Edition Inner Page

There is no reason for any of the early adopters to buy this version – so don’t think about it! If you do want the inside page, though, ask me and it shall be yours! Simply fill out the form below and hit Submit!

Finally, the standard edition CD will be available at all good stockists  (gradually . . . . !)

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