Unforgiving Mirror (2013)

Unforgiving Mirror

After 5 years – the longest gap in our history – comes the new album Unforgiving Mirror. Featuring 6 songs, this is our most diverse collection of tunes yet. And there is even a sax solo on the title track!

Out of all our albums, this is perhaps the most fusion-like – in a Pat Metheny as opposed to Mahavishnu Orchestra style release. Having said that, it is still gloriously melodic, diverse, intelligently crafted and arranged.

Release Info

Label Cat # Year Format Buy
Proximity Records ESCD20131104-02 2nd December 2013 Standard Edition CD SOLD OUT
Proximity Records ESDD20131104 4th November 2013 Digital Buy Now
Proximity Records ESCD20131104 4th November 2013 Limited Edition CD SOLD OUT

Track by Track

1. Unsettled. You know the feeling you get when you are somewhere new and you are not quite pacing up and down, but still, you may as well be doing so? Nice guitar solo at the start but it’s the extended synth solo coda that really grabs the attention. Put some headphones on and check it out!

2. Feels Like A Lifetime. A song about facing death without the one you love by your side. About being drugged to the point of hallucination and remembrance of things past. About hazy, misty, fleeting images and sounds that ghost across your thoughts as the eternal darkness lies ready to envelop your very being. Great vocal from Ken and a totally EPIC – in every sense of the word – guitar solo in the middle.

3. Flurry. Two words can easily describe this track. . . FAR OUT! This is pure psychedelia with twin guitars, sitar and crazy drumming.

4. Un-Apology. All about saying sorry, but not really meaning it. We’ve all done it. This song is fast. It’s funky. It’s got a clavinet on it. It’s got an organ solo. It’s got sound effects. It’s just great! And for extra ‘Conceptual Continuity’ it continues where it leaves on the next album . . . . .

5. Unforgiving Mirror. This songs takes us through the stages of life and death, all told through the reflections in a mirror that hides no detail of the ageing process. The first 5 minutes alone contain enough ideas for 1 album! Great guitar work throughout and some fine keyboard solos, too. It all ends in an epic guitar/synth climax before we have a chilled out acoustic coda. One of my favourite tunes and also one of our most fusion-like pieces, too.

6. Passing Place. Inspired by a trip to North Yorkshire. Those crazy roads where there isn’t room for a skateboard let alone two cars coming in opposite directions! Kind of medium tempo with some ‘wobbly guitar’ bits. Half way in, it turns on its head and becomes almost Euro Pop with brass fanfares and dancing synths!

Additional Information

Limited Edition CD

The initial print run of this CD features a full colour 8 page booklet, tray liner and picture disc + PDF eBook. Once this version is gone, it will be replaced by the Standard Edition CD.

Standard Edition CD

As the version above, but only a four page booklet with different inner artwork (see below), no lyrics etc. PDF eBook is included, though, as part of the package.

Unforgiving Mirror Standard Edition Inner Page


  1. Unsettled (04:13)
  2. Feels Like A Lifetime (10:06)
  3. Flurry (03:17)
  4. Un-Apology (05:14)
  5. Unforgiving Mirror (18:25)
  6. Passing Place (06:20)

Line Up

  • Steven McCabe: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards and all manner of things plucked, picked, blown, pressed and mangled
  • Ken Senior: Lead and Backing Vocals
  • Christopher Knight: Drums and Marimba


All songs composed, arranged, produced and engineered by Steven McCabe

This album was recorded at Propinquity Studios, UK, and was completed on Sunday 22nd September 2013. It was mixed and mastered between Monday 23rd and Friday 27th September 2013

Art direction and design by Steven McCabe with special thanks to www.morguefile.com for some of the photographic imagery used.

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