Revealed: New CD + Artwork + Track List

Unforgiving Mirror
Unforgiving Mirror
Unforgiving Mirror

Unforgiving Mirror by Elegant Simplicity will be officially released on CD and Digital Download on Monday 4th November 2013. It will initially be available via our on-line store (+ selected other outlets) . Shortly after that, it will start to appear on iTunes, Amazon etc and all the usual places.

Track Listing:

  1. Unsettled (04.13)
  2. Feels Like A Lifetime (10.06)
  3. Flurry (03.17)
  4. Un-Apology (05.14)
  5. Unforgiving Mirror (18.25)
  6. Passing Place (06.20)

The CD will feature a full colour 8 page booklet, picture disc etc and will look pretty stunning.

More updates to follow . . . .

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2 responses to “Revealed: New CD + Artwork + Track List”

  1. Steven McCabe

    Hi . . thanks for the comments, it’s good to hear from you. Regarding the early music, then no: there is still tons of it waiting to appear!!!! Agree entirely with Bandcamp – love the service, the choice of music, the convenience . . everything works well and is ultra artist friendly. Very pleased I found it. Can’t remember the last time I bought a CD . . Luckily, whatever I buy is backed up in two different places! Just in case disaster strikes!

  2. Congratulations, Stephen! Great to see you back after such a long absence. I know full well how life sometimes gets one bogged down, but those of us with drive and determination will always be back. Can’t wait to hear the new one! So… to date, you’ve upgraded & re-released pretty much all of your older music from the early 1990’s in mp3 format, correct? Or is there something still remaining back in the archives? Also, it’s good to see that you’re using bandcamp. I really like that place a lot & have my own music there as well (though being Native American flute-based, it’s quite far removed from prog rock!) I even called one of my releases “Elegant Simplicity,” which was a title I’d wanted to use since before I knew about you & your band. Anyway, I’m gleefully anticipating Unforgiving Mirror. I’ll probably get the highest-quality downloadable version since I’ve mostly moved away from buying CD’s – too impractical for me these days. Wishing you success with your long-time coming new release!