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Roger Hodgson

Roger Hodgson, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 29-05-2013

For those who don’t know, and there really can’t be that many of you, Roger was one of the key members of Progressive/Pop band Supertramp.

Long since estranged from his song-writing partner, Rick Davis, his solo career has been relatively unremarkable compared to the massive success of his former band.

Despite a couple of good albums in the shape of In the Eye of the Storm and Open the Door, there was never a chance he would be able to get away from his Supertramp work.

For many, Roger was the voice, the heart and soul of the band and here we are tonight in rainy Manchester at the lovely Bridgewater Hall. Not quite sold out, but respectably full.

Featuring a keyboard player, drummer, bassist, sax/keyboard player and Roger himself on keyboards and 12 string guitar, the band was tight and note perfect.

For the most part Roger’s voice was pretty good, but seemed to struggle on some of the higher register stuff.

They played everything you would expect + a few things you wouldn’t. I was flabbergasted when they played Rosie Had Everything Planned and Lovers in the Wind! As well as that, we were treated to a marvellous Child of Vision and Fool’s Overture.

There was, however, one thing missing….. No electric guitar! As a result the keyboard heavy arrangements lacked some bite. Roger’s electric guitar parts were pretty much key on some of the songs and I certainly missed that dimension tonight.

That aside, an excellent concert.

For the encore, It’s Raining Again was played. As as it had been raining all day, how apt!

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