The Great £0.99p Holiday Sale


In part, this is to celebrate our arrival in the UK arm of the Google Play Music store – there is only one album at present (it takes time to get fully loaded) but it will be a direct mirror of our site and should be a great promotional tool for us. The store is excellent and well worth a look: I think it now has the same size catalogue as iTunes. Certainly, in the past few weeks since it went live I have bought some Comus, Circulus and Diagnoal! Not exactly household or common items!

This means that armed with your Android phone, you can buy our releases and have them stream or download to whatever you like: all in 320kbps. You can also upload and match up to 20,000 songs from your personal MP3 / FLAC collection and play your entire library from the cloud – at no charge! Or just use it as backup! Love it.

* Offer closes at midnight GMT on Sunday 09/12/2012

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