Abel Ganz: Shooting Albatross (2008)

Abel Ganz - Shooting Abatross
  • Artist / Title: Abel Ganz: Shooting Albatross (2008)
  • Month Reviewed: April 2011
  • Format: CD
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Abel Ganz are one of those bands that seem to have been around forever. First time I heard them was on some cassette sampler and they were also mentioned in the book of British Progressive Rock. Anyway, their first few records were not my cup of tea – they just didn’t do it for me . . .

But Shooting Albatross certainly does!

Featuring just 4 long tracks, this album grows with repeated listens. All manner of classic keyboard sounds + fabulous guitar work + great singing and lyrica combine to bring a potent mix of the best that symphonic rock has to offer. Undoubtedly one of the most surprising discoveries I have heard in a long time and worth every penny of your money and every second of your attention.

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