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Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstasy (1976)

  • Artist / Title: Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstacy (1976)
  • Month Reviewed: March 2011
  • Format: CD
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Reviled by most folks as a record by a band missing the ‘spark’, this is one of my favourite Sabbath albums, if not my all-time favourite. Only Rock N Roll Doctor mars the ultimate Sabs record. Bill Ward sings the track It’s Alright (if you can find his solo albums, you are in for a rare treat!) and it’s a genius track featuring some sublime acoustic guitar-work from Iommi.

And how about the beautiful Changes beating-in-all-departments ballad She’s Gone? Outstanding.

But nothing, nothing, comes close to the album’s high point: the truly magnificent Gypsy. I first heard this song on a late night rok show and was knocked out by it. The organ riff, the completely fatalistic way Ozzy sings the lyrics and not forgetting (again) the guitar playing from Iommi. Superb, absolutely superb.

If you approach this album expecting Master of Reality you will be disappointed. But approach it with open ears and you will be dazzled by it.



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